Bobby Holder, Client

"My good friend, and business partner, recommended Steven as our attorney because of his past experience with Steven. When we were going through the transition of making a purchase of our business Steven was extremely thorough with the contract and terms we were signing. Setting up our LLCs and getting all set up legally was a great experience and I hold Steven in high regard."

Svitlana Miller, Client

 "Steven is talented in so many ways. He is knowledgeable, analytical and creative. He has been an excellent mentor and consultant for my groups of international students interested in learning about professional networking. Steven is not only one of the most capable people I know, but is one of most exciting and inspiring. His speeches at conferences and his workshops have inspired me professionally and have inspired and motivated many groups of students I have brought to meet Steven. He makes everyone feel comfortable and treats everyone, top to bottom, with great respect. Steven embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. He has a unique ability to make people feel at ease and empowering others to do more than they thought they could."

Victoria Chezik, Client

"In a Community Event I planned for the Family Crisis Center I had the privilege of working with Steven. His enthusiasm to be involved in the community and continued willingness to work with the Family Crisis Center was one of the reasons we asked him to speak with at our Event. Steven shared his professional expertise and experience with his non-profit work with the Family Crisis Center. "

Quinn Merrill, Attorney

" I have had the privilege of working with Steven in many different capacities over the years, including raising money for charity, distributing goods to less fortunate families in Honduras, landscaping jobs, sales, legal work, and more. I have seen firsthand his dedication to any project he decides to take on. Steven has always been a valuable mentor and resource for me as I have advanced my career. He has offered me sound advice whenever I have been in need of counsel, and I have observed him tirelessly work to improve himself whenever he takes on a new challenge. "

Michael Hales, Attorney

" I have known Steve for over eight years and have been impressed with his professionalism, work ethic, and communication skills. I met Steve during our last year of law school while I was a visiting student at the University of Idaho. Steve had more energy than any law student I had ever met, which was surprising because I knew that he was engaged in a number of extra-curricular activities. I remember him teaching Spanish courses in the law building after hours; I just could not figure out how he had the time or energy to do so, but going the extra mile was his modus operandi. Due to his legal and business acumen, I have referred very important and valuable clients to Steve.  "

Sean Bartholick, Attorney

 "I have worked with Steven Dalling for a number of years, primarily in the adversarial role of opposing counsel.     One of the qualities that is apparent when you meet Steven is his outgoing personality and willingness to work with people. Although we could disagree professionally as well as personally on issues, I have always found Steve to be able to work to find a resolution to problems. Steven could always pull away from a problem and see the bigger picture and work to build consensus when possible.  Even when Steven was prosecuting or litigating against someone, he would take the time to make sure they felt as if they had been treated fairly, and that he believed he was seeking the best outcome. This can be rare in the profession, but I witnessed it time and time again. Steven was always once of the best attorneys to work with. "